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World Perspectives

And So It Begins: Social Unrest, Anarchy and War.  Direct results of lock down

Mineapolis burns, National guard deployed.

China/India tensions heat up at border

Famine and Civil War in Lebanon?

Saudi Arabia at risk now! 

A new more contagious strain of Corona Virus? 

Protesters , some with guns storm Michigan Capital

Thucydides Trap? Trump retaliation against China? Not Likely but possible

More Trouble in Lebanon

Lebanon Riots, currency drops 50%! Virus didn't cause what lock downs did.

This social distance policy will lead to social revolutions

Itally stops singing as fear and social unrest mount


Georgia Shooting Rocks the nation

Outrage Builds

The distopian new world. Is wuhan the template? 

Berkshire Hatheway Anual General Meeting Livestream

Meat output is way down! 

Trump renews trade war with China?

Now the world faced two pandemics: A medical and a financial

Victor Davis Hansen Supports Swedish Model

The Federal Reserve Poisons Everything! 

Gavin Newsom shutting California Beaches... again!

USA Jobless claims up 3.8 Mil to 30 Million!

Protesters in Hong Kong against lock down 

Possible Chaos in North Korea?

Russia Uses Facial Recognition to lock down citizens

Germany may have to lock down again?

Herd immunity more effective and sustainable

Food distribution chains disrupted: Pork Suppliers soon to destroy herds

47,000 Covid deaths in USA ! 

The only logical response to this is protest lock down. Mortality rate overhyped exageration by governments and media.

Some reasons why oil sold off.  Not seen by anyone before! 

Biggests one day drop in oil in history! Fill your boots cause no place else to put it! 

Sweden Strategy working?

South Dakota Gov has Gonads! Refuses to ruin her economy!

Florida beach opens!

Deadly Day: 4,591  Dead. Not a peak in sight

Texas Opens Up! 

Dow Jones Futures Jump on Covid Treatement news

This isnt the Flat Curve we were promised

Shut Down Backlash coming with Vengeance

Protesters pack streets in Michigan...Down with Stay-home order!

New Global Order shall occur post Covid. Former Secretary of State Coni Rice interview, Hoover institute.  

Victor David Hanson interview on future. Hoover Policy Briefing

Mission Accompished. Bernie Sanders drops out.

Michael Burry of 'The Big Short' slams virus lock down.

Trump threat to cut funding to WHO

WHO Wants to enter homes and remove and isolate them!

Food Banks Swells in Florida

Sweden keeps open for business

Social Distancing getting Darker

Google releases location data to track virus spread.

Questioning Convention on the Covid Crisis: Hoover Institute

How do we Flatten The Curve On Panic: Anne Coulter

Flattening the economy limited benefits & High Costs. : Terence Corcoran 

Dismantling Democracy

The New Covid World Order: The Off Guardian

Police Crack down in India with bamboo sticks

Washington DC Mayor threatens Jail Time for leaving home!

Belarus President Dismisses global health crisis as “psychosis”. 

Turning point in USA for Corona Virus will be earlier than predicted

Getting a handle on the Covid -19’s economic fallout : Conrad Black 

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Finance:Bulls /Bears 

Bears Videos

Former Treasury Secretary Larray Summers not impressed

Stagflation and muted rebound. David Rosenberg

White Swans of 2020 Nouriel Roubini

Spagetti bowl of credit Makes 2008 look like a flesh wound

Property market in chaos

Dalio:Debt deleverage Vrs Money Printing

Peter Schiff: Debt Time Bomb Soon to Detonate

Looking through is not possible when structural damage done.

Munger calls this recession worst typhoon that ever happened

Market has priced in only good news. Dead Cat Bounce Nouriel Roubini

Billionaire Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio warns of new order after covid collapse 

The Perfect Storm to hit economy

Dont't go chasing waterfalls (or melt ups). Hedgeye

Nibbling at value but not all in. GuggenheimInvestments

Surf's up! Will it last? (Nasdaq QQQ now up year over year today)

In Between Recession & Depression

Jim Roger's former Hedge Fund partner of George Soros Speaks

'Fallen Angels' biggest risk of following the Fed

El-Erian Looming Liquidity Crisis

Raise Cash, Robert Kessler

Severe Recession Looms: Irwin Gold

A Generation-Defining Moment: Krugman, Roubini, El-Erian

Worse than crisis: Gugenheim's Scott Menerd

Bears Writ Large:

Peter Schiff: The question no one is asking

Rosenberg: You'll have to wait for it

Don't Rush in: El-Erian

Is Now the Time to Buy? David Rae

Bulls Video:

Piper Sandler's Lull before the pop! 

Kevin Hassett Economic Advisor sees sharp recovery

Market has more room to run!

Mike Wilson of Morgan Stanley sees upside

Trump Advisor Bullish

El-Erian changes his tune to Bullish

JP Morgan's Marko Kolanovic makes bullish call

Bullish in a dangerous Time: Larry Williams

Billionaire Cooperman Calls Bottom

Fed's Kaplan Economy to get strong

John B. Taylor: Hoover Institution

Bulls Writ Large:

Analyst who called March bottom calls this bull market pause

Why Worst may be over for EPS Expectations

Why its not crazy to have market high employment low

Stock Market will rocket when Covid over.

Impact of Covid Exaggerated -Ray Dalio

Now is the perfect time to get in

Time to buy stocks for the Long Run

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